Tuesday, July 25, 2006

For the Yay Mang.

Stomper the Turfie.

E-40/B-Legit/San Quinn/Clyde Carson/Turf Talk/Richie Rich/PSD/Federation/Dem Hoodstarz/Messy Marv/Mistah F.A.B./Yukmouth/Big Rich/J. Diggs/Balance/Too $hort- Tell Me When to Go (Bay Area Remix)

Federation/Keak Da Sneak/San Quinn/E-40/Turf Talk- Hyphy (remix)

I bet Mr. Met wish he knew how to Harlem Shake now.

Federation- 18 Dummy

Federation/E-40- I Wear My Stunna Glasses At Night

Federation are the cornerstone of all that is Hyphy.

Surroundings familiar? Possibly because this

was filmed in the same place.

The Pack/Too $hort/Mistah F.A.B.- Vans (remix)

The Pack/Mistah F.A.B.- Yes Sir

The Vans epidemics has spread from the Yay and hit breakout proportions as The Pack's simple snap single has started to recieve national airplay and even caught the attention of big baller blog Stereogum.

I'm just glad I bought my first two pairs of slip ons before the song came out.

...I can't vouch for my next pair though.

Keak Da Sneak/Johnny Ca$h/Mistah F.A.B./G-Stack/PSD/Dubee/Rydah J. Klyde/Bavgate- Super Hyphie (Thizz remix)

Keak Da Sneak- Beat It!

Keak Da Sneak manages to make silly gouda and keep it real on the most poodle show ever.

I remember a bulletin he posted on myspace about how he had a cold but reassured his fans he was still smoking blunts while demolishing some chicken soup.


Mistah F.A.B.- Ghost Ride It

The DB'z/E-40- Stewie


Even the kid you cheated off in math class goes dumb in the bay.

06 hyphy? Always Hyphy Status? Too bad the term hyphy started recieving rotation in the hallways while these youngsters were still in 8th grade.

Stupid. Dumb. Retarded.


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